Services and Products

MN Research Information System

MCSS stands for Mastering Complexity through Sophisticated Simplicity.

Even though your organization has complex requirements and processes, you want a web-based solution that is intuitive to use, supports your processes in a flexible way, is quickly implemented and easily adapted when your requirements change.

MCSS is the toolbox we use to deliver exactly what you need at the fraction of the cost of a custom IT project. Our rapid prototyping also significantly reduces the project risks and assures quick delivery.

MCSS provides a solid foundation for any IT solution since it includes Person and Organization Management, an architecture of interrelated, configurable Sub-Systems, all tied together by a sophisticated status-role-actions-based rights system.

We used MCSS to quickly and cost-effectively configure solutions that make our customer’s organisations more efficient, productive, and transparent. The solutions include Research Information Systems (Projects, Publications, Achievements) with quantitative and qualitative reporting tools (Annual Report, Data Analysis), Grants Management Systems, both for Grantees and Grantors, Compliance Systems, Audition Management Systems, and Critical Incident Management Systems.

Amongst our MCSS customers are University of Zürich, University of Basel, University of St. Gallen, Hochschule Luzern, University Luzern, PH Luzern, South Eastern Theatre Conference, and SIX Group.


Services and Products

MN News Channel

NC stands for News Channel and is the technology behind news portals such as ee-news.ch, pelletpreis.ch, and startupticker.ch as well as complex websites such as montana-zug.ch.

News Channel delivers on what its name promises: it provides the experts who write the news with all necessary channels to spread it: website (mobile and desktop), newsletters, notifications/ alerts, news archive, directories, calendar for events and trainings etc.

If you are in the news business, you do not want to waste time with technology. That is why we have developed News Channel together with journalists. They told us: «We publish 5-8 news items per day. We want to be able to put the articles online and email the weekly newsletter in less than an hour per day».

News Channels enables them to be that efficient. They write the article in their preferred program, upload it to the website with the click of a button, define the embargo/publish time, classify the content, link it to companies and stake holders. Done. Compiling the newsletter is as easy as selecting the articles that should be included with a teaser, upload the editorial, check the result and send it out to thousands of recipients with one click.

And yes, there is functionality to manage sponsors, partners, and advertising.

MatchingNeeds acts as the IT department of our customers. We manage and host the news portals for them – on an infrastructure powerful enough not only for thousands of unique visitors per day but also for frequent visits of the web bots from Google, Bing etc.


Services and Products

MN Consultants

We at MatchingNeeds like to solve problems. We extended the proven approach of listen-learn-speak with the challenge “come-up-with-a-creative-solution”.

We consult in two areas:

  • Solution development/ Engineering: understand our customer’s pressure points, needs, and wants, identify restrictions and obstacles and then define a solution that fulfills all requirements and fits the customer’s budget. We provide this service independent of whether MatchingNeeds develops the solution or our customers selects another IT provider, or have it programmed by their in-house IT department.
  • Startups: Our typical customer is a large organization such as Publishers who want to develop an idea into a viable startup. MatchingNeeds helps them refine the idea, do a proof of concept, supervises solution development, and – our favorite – help hire the people who will make the startup successful. We also advise founders on how to navigate the challenges of being affiliated with large organizations while still maintaining a startup spirit.
    Not all the startups we consulted succeeded, but some such as ReadCube made it really big.