We solve our customer's problems

with clever, cost effective web-based software. Once the software is deployed, we train, maintain and support. We build lasting relations with our customers. At any time of day, we are only one mouse-click away.

Solving problems at the intersection of marketing, communication, and IT

Our core competence is to solve problems at the intersection of Marketing, Communication, and IT.

We have built Research Databases for large universities and research institutions. With these Research Databases, the universities market their research efforts, foster communication between researchers and with the public. The applications were developed with our proprietary product MCSS.


We have also developed the Thor Platform for Thor Elite AG. Through this platform, coaches create training plans, assign them to athletes and check the performance development of their athletes. The athletes easily log their workouts. They can also network in a "social network" with their team mates and other athletes around the world.


Another example for the intersection between marketing, communication and IT is the Pool of Experts. On this platform, experts in export related matters can market their skills, prospective customers can communicate with the experts. All this is done on a software, that has been in continuous operation for almost 10 years - the GUIs have changed, the software engine behind it is still the same.


The latest challenge is to build a worldwide intranet and employee communication platform for a medium sized organization. The marketing challenge: the employees have to be motivated to use and contribute to it. The communication challenge: how do you motivate employees who have never met each other to share solutions? The IT challenge: how do you build a stable high-tech knowledge sharing and communication platform without a budget for software? Answer: Google Apps combined with our unique expertise.


Our projects describe us better than we ever can

While clicking through our "Projects" section, you will notice that:

  • the solutions we develop are as unique as our customers
  • we are used to customers with big challenges, high expectations and limited budgets
  • we always find a solution that works, that lasts, and 10 years later will still maintained and supported - most likely by the same people who developed the solution.


We make the iceberg float

What you see on the websites is just the tip of the iceberg - the design of the GUI - and that is normally the only part of the project we are not responsible for.

We provide the frame work, build the backbone, the database, the business logic, the interfaces to other systems, the data synchronization with other applications. It is this covered mass of the iceberg that makes the website run smoothly and provide all the fancy functionality you expect from a state-o-the art website.