MCSS: Measuring Institutional Effectiveness - And More

For decades we have been working for and with Universities, colleges, and research institutions. We have experienced (sometimes the hard way) and learned (to love) that

  • Nothing is as simple as it seems
  • The equilibrium of academic freedom and management structure shifts constantly
  • There are more exceptions than rules

Since none of the traditional Management Information Systems (MIS) can operate in such a complex environment, we have created MCSS, the Academic Information Management System for the most complex challenges

Gather Information

MatchingNeeds will help you define 

  • What information needs to be collected to achieve the task
  • Which organizational unit can / must provide the information
  • Who is responsible for providing the information
  • In what form the information is best collected
  • Where the information is available
  • How the information can best be accessed
  • the process of gathering the information

Research & Academia


How does one measure the performance of a research organization? We have spent the last decade answering this question. We have developed methods, procedures, and software tools measuring research output and performance.

Based on your organizations' strategic goals, we help you derive performance indicators and measure the progress of the organization along these indicators.

If you think that success is more than number of publications and amount of 3rd party funding, we need to talk.


If a research organization wants to know what it produces, it needs our software.

MCSS, our Academic Information Management System, significantly reduces the paperwork and administrative overhead of those who are responsible for

  • Processing large volumes of applications, be it for grants or conventions
  • Measuring key indicators
  • Publishing the annual report
  • Performance management
  • Academic reporting
  • Compiling progress report
  • Quality control as well as quality assurance
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Achieving and maintaining accreditation
  • Controlling
  • Improving the ranking your universities

Information is the key to mastering these tasks. Information enables you to describe and manage the status quo, to measure the progress, and to document the success.

The mission of MatchingNeeds is to make you successful with the best information management for your academic environment.

Our services and products enable you to master Academic Information Management by perfecting the 3 basic steps of the information process:

  • Gather
  • Compile
  • Share