Key Team Members North Carolina

  • Felix Muhlebach: is first point of contact for new customers. Comes up with solutions to their problems. Keeps the project within budget and timelines. Trains users. keeps in touch.
  • Stephen Rosbough: Sets up the server infrastructure. Migrates data with attention to details like nobody else. Keeps the servers and systems running. Protects us and our customers against hackers and other malicious people out there.

Key Team Members Switzerland

  • Felix Mühlebach: Sells the skills of our team. Develops the concepts for our solutions. Guarantees the smooth operation. Keeps customers happy.
  • Alexander Kranz: Designs. Designs. Designs. Makes websites usable and intuitive. Presents data in charts everybody understands.

Key Team Members Latvia

  • Aleksandrs Mjagkihs: Keeps us at the cutting edge of technology. Is the architect and brain behind our solutions. Considers only a full day of writing complex, beautiful code is a perfect day.
  • Janis Plahotins: Keeps us compatible with the Microsoft world. Guarantees the delivery of our solutions within the agreed timeline and budget. Never caves under stress. Is faster than the police allows.
  • Kaspars Paegle: Creates the best containers for our customer's content. Optimizes algorithms not only for search. Creates beautifully formatted documents out of database content. Wrestles with people, never with math and physics.